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Atlas International


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阿特拉斯國際有限公司是億光電子股份有限公司、節能元件有限公司、應達利電子股份有限公司的銷售代理商, 阿特拉斯的客戶包含全球知名消費性電子品牌廠以及OEM / ODM組裝廠。

隨著業務的擴展,我們將業務範圍擴大到LED產品應用驅動IC(RAFFAR TECHNOLOGY CORP.), 作為銷售代理商,阿特拉斯的使命是成為您可靠的合作夥伴。

Atlas international Co.,Ltd is operating as a franchise partner of leading electronic components companies (Everlight Electronic Co., PFC Device Inc. and Interquip Electronics.)and has been well recognized by global OEM/ODM companies.

With the forward progress of business, we optimize sales team and expand the scope into LED IC solutions

As a sales agency, our mission is being your reliable partner to scale up your business.


Atlas 公司名稱的起源來自Ayn Rand的知名小說Atlas Shrugged:所有人類主要的美德都是理性作為生存基本工具的應用: 理性,誠實,正義,獨立,正直,成效和榮譽,與我們的經營哲學相同。

The origin of our company name is from Ayn Rand’s popular novel Atlas Shrugged : All of the principal virtues are applications of the role of reason as man’s basic tool of survival : rationality, honesty, justice, independence, integrity, productiveness, and pride. All expressions of rationality are the same as our enterprise philosophy.